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Waterfront Gourmet Cafe & Deli

Waterfront Gourmet is One of the Best Catering Companies Philadelphia Has to Offer

There are a number of reasons for you to need catering services. You may be looking into getting a sandwich tray for a large party you are having at your home or a special event you are hosting. At offices, especially in a big city, you may supply employees with breakfast or lunch or have special guests visiting your workplace and want to provide lunch.


Whatever the reason, you want there to be a place you can go that you can rely on for catering when you need it. In a city that has so many options, you want to know what the best Catering Companies Philadelphia has are and what helps them to stand out from the competition.



One of the best catering companies Philadelphia has is Waterfront Gourmet. The reason is easy to see.


One of the things people look for most in the food they eat is getting something that tastes great while still being the healthy options for you. If you care about your health, you want to eat meals that keep you living a healthy lifestyle, but you also don’t want to sacrifice any flavor so you are still getting an enjoyable meal. You also want to be able to provide the rest of your group with a healthy meal as well.


Waterfront Gourmet is definitely the answer, taking traditional deli favorites and adding a unique twist to create some exciting menu options that you can have at your next party or meeting. From sandwiches loaded with fresh meats, cheeses, and veggies to wraps and paninis and salads that come in plentiful portions.


With four great locations around the city, Waterfront Gourmet is one of the catering companies Philadelphia has that can serve a large area at various points throughout the day. Whether you want to get fresh bagels and coffee for breakfast or need sandwiches for lunch, dinner or a party, you can have them delivered in a timely fashion. All you have to do is call the location closest to you and organize your order.


The four locations around Philadelphia make it easy to get what you need. The original location is right on the waterfront of the Delaware River at Penn’s Landing. With other locations in University City, Roberts Center on South Street and Dilworth Plaza right across the street from City Hall, there are options everywhere from the Delaware River waterfront to near the Schuylkill River to the heart of Center City Philadelphia where you can get catering any time of day. The waterfront location at Penn’s Landing, the University City location and Dilworth Park location are all open seven days a week, making it even easier to get catering when you need it.


Choose Waterfront Gourmet as your choice for catering in the city of Philadelphia and get a healthy and fresh meal for you and your family, friends or staff. Combine fresh and locally sourced ingredients with unique recipes and turn to a catering team that can get you what you need for your next event or luncheon.

When Looking for Catering Services Near Me, Think Waterfront Gourmet

There can be several occasions where you think about finding the perfect catering spot to supply everyone with great food. If you are hosting a party for friends or family and want to have fresh quality deli-style sandwiches or if you want to supply breakfast or lunch for your office during the workweek or if you are hosting an event and expect a sizable turnout, you want to have something that you can serve.


It is in these moments of planning that you are thrown into action and have to think about who has the best Catering Services Near Me, who can provide something that is delicious, but healthy so that family, friends and co-workers alike are all eating a quality meal? The city of Philadelphia has plenty of food options, but there are several that are not going to be the most healthy choice and will seem more like getting fast food than getting something that is made with quality and to be healthy.



When looking for catering services near me, you have to consider a few things. The first is obviously what you would be getting, the menu selection that the catering company offers. Waterfront Gourmet offers a variety of freshly made sandwiches, paninis, salads, wraps and more for lunch and dinner. For breakfast, get fresh bagels or breakfast sandwiches to start your day off right. Waterfront Gourmet doesn’t just have these offerings on the menu, they put a special and unique twist onto traditional deli food, giving you a new flavor that will be unlike anything you have ever tasted.


Secondly, you want to consider the cost. Catering can get expensive so you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. That means getting good portions for the catering cost. Waterfront Gourmet offers perfect portions and is an affordable catering option in Philadelphia, making it easy for you to find catering services near me and order lunch for the office or take care of everyone at your next party.


Placing catering orders is made easy with Waterfront Gourmet. There are four convenient locations throughout the heart of Philadelphia, from the original location on the Delaware River waterfront at Penn’s Landing to the University City location between Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania to the newest location at Dilworth Plaza at City Hall. All you have to do is contact the nearest location to you, whether it be your home for a party or your workplace for company catering, and you can place your order to have your home or work event catered. Whether you need food for a small gathering of people or for 100 people, Waterfront Gourmet is there to help you make your next catered event a healthy one.


So make the choice today to bring a healthy meal to your next party or work event and choose the catering services at Waterfront Gourmet. From the quality of food to the unique flavors that are presented with Waterfront Gourmet, it is sure to be a hit at your next gathering.

Get Breakfast Catering in Philadelphia at Waterfront Gourmet

The city of Philadelphia is all about working hard for one another. We work hard for our families. We work hard for our friends. We work hard for our co-workers. Sometimes we get so caught up in work that we don’t take a moment to appreciate what is around us. We are living in a city that is vibrant and full of life. We are surrounded by historical successes.


We need to be the best versions of ourselves to be successful, and that means starting every day out the way it should be -- with a great and healthy breakfast.


For many workers, it can be difficult to have a delicious breakfast every morning. There’s so much hustle to beat the morning rush that you mainly just want to get to the office and never get around to having the quality meal you should at the beginning of your day. You need it to be made easy by having the best Breakfast Catering In Philadelphia has to offer.



You should choose Waterfront Gourmet for breakfast catering in Philadelphia in multiple locations. It can be easy to get breakfast catering no matter where you are in the city. There are four great locations that make it easy to have catered food at any time of day.


The original location of Waterfront Gourmet is on the waterfront of the Delaware River and it is the perfect place to have breakfast. If you work in the historical area of Old City, you can easily get the best breakfast catering in Philadelphia has from the nearby original location. If you stop in to sit down for a meal, you also get a great cafe atmosphere whether you are just in for a quick meal to start your day or going to spend some time enjoying a few cups of coffee and a fresh bagel or breakfast sandwich.


There is a location at University City between the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University that makes it easy for college students and workers alike to grab a healthy meal to start the day. There is also a location in Roberts Center on South Street that is conveniently located for a quick meal.


Finally, you can find the newest location of Waterfront Gourmet right in the heart of Center City Philadelphia. Located across the street from City Hall, this is the perfect place to get your catering from if you are working in downtown Philadelphia.


For a full-service catering company offering everything from freshly baked bagels and cream cheese to breakfast sandwiches and fresh-brewed gourmet coffee, you can finally cater breakfast for the office or have everything you need for the perfect morning mingling session before a series of meetings.


You can take a look at the catering menu from Waterfront Gourmet and see for yourself how there are lot of options for every corporate event. This will allow you to skip the traditional boxed lunch or bagged meals and get something made fresh and made to be healthy to start your day off the right way.

For Lunch Catering Philadelphia, Choose Waterfront Gourmet

During the workday, you need that pick-me-up that gets you through the rest of the day. It could be an afternoon filled with meetings or just a stack of paperwork and files to go through that feels never-ending. No matter what tasks you have facing you during the day, your lunch break is important to you. The last thing you need is a meal that causes you to crash harder and feel like the amount of work you have left to do is mountainous.

You need to get a healthy lunch that helps to make your day go easier. You need to have the freshest ingredients, delicious meats and cheese, healthy and organic veggies and the best spreads to make your meal flavorful and delicious.


For offices that have many employees that all need the same afternoon boost, you can make things very easy by choosing a catered lunch. The problem is that so many catered lunches are not made to be as fresh and may not be the healthiest choice. But not with Waterfront Gourmet. When you choose Waterfront Gourmet, you get Lunch Catering Philadelphia that is healthy and helps get you through the day.



Co-workers can bond over a meal, even if it’s only for a few minutes out of a busy day. That time can be spent enjoying the company of those around you and taking a few moments to forget about the workday and share some common interests or talk about something that happened outside of work. When it comes to lunch catering Philadelphia, you have to look for the best options out there. There is certainly a need to be as healthy as you go through life. You want to form the best habits for yourself and you don’t want to break them during the week, especially when you need to be at your best for your job.


A healthy lunch from a catering company can sometimes be hard to come by. You can get boxed lunches from many places, but will they be made with the freshest and healthier ingredients? And the last thing you want to do is choose the same old fast food options that are simply not good for you. Waterfront Gourmet takes pride in providing the best and healthiest that there is in the city of Philadelphia. With four locations in the heart of the city, you can get delicious sandwiches, salads, wraps and paninis that will satisfy your hunger and keep you on a healthy lifestyle.


Give the best to your employees when you choose the best lunch catering Philadelphia has to offer at Waterfront Gourmet. All it takes is a call to the nearest location and you can set up your catering delivery and supply your entire team with delicious and healthy food with a flavor twist. These are unique creations unlike anything you have tried before and you will love the way they taste and come back for more. Make your next work luncheon or event the best when you choose the unique creations from the lunch catering menu from Waterfront Gourmet.

For the Best Catering Company In Philadelphia, Choose Waterfront Gourmet

Since when did catering mean ordering a tray of hoagies, some chips and maybe some canned sodas if you’re really lucky? Why has catering become a matter of mere convenience when there are local, healthy options out there at your very disposal to change the way you think about catering? If you’ve had your fill of catered events that offered you no variety in terms of freshness, it’s time for you to change up the way you think about catering and go with the Best Catering Company In Philadelphia.
Of course, you might be thinking that it’s impossible to define the best catering company in Philadelphia since that incorporates so many variables. Be that as it may, if you enjoy healthy, fresh ingredients, new twists on proven classics, superior customer service and a whole lot of other unexpected bonuses, then it’s probably not so hard to settle on the best catering company in Philadelphia after all. Waterfront Gourmet offers the best catering services in Philadelphia, PA for all of these reasons and a few more, just for good measure.
If you’re looking for healthy options from a full-service catering company, then look no further than Waterfront Gourmet. Their menu includes vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free offerings. They’re also proud to offer a menu that is increasingly plant-based so that you can enjoy freshly delivered food that is not only healthy and flavorful but sustainable. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to find healthy options in today’s day and age. It’s much more common to find a few wraps and sandwiches in the same basic offerings regardless of the caterer along with some soft drinks and snacks that are high in fat and sugar. Waterfront Gourmet is proud to be Philadelphia’s prime choice catering team offering healthy selections for catered events.
But Waterfront Gourmet isn’t just a winner in the Philadelphia area because of its healthy offerings. Waterfront Gourmet’s philosophy is continuous improvement and experimentation. Just take a look at their menu and you will see that they’re entirely committed to giving a little bit of a twist to just about anything they offer. You’ll find classic selections well represented within their menu but rest confidently that the flavor profile of any of their menu items will impress you with variety and innovation. Waterfront Gourmet also makes a practice of featuring the freshest ingredients possible in their creations.
Not only does Waterfront Gourmet have the market cornered on healthy, fresh offerings with innovative and creative menu offerings, but they also set the bar for customer service. Place an order with them for catering services and you’ll get healthy, fresh offerings all delivered free of charge to the location of your event. Communication and responsibility are keys to good business, and Waterfront Gourmet has both of them on its keychain. Call them up to see what they can do for you, or take a look at their catering menu on their website at WaterfrontGourmet.com to see what excellent offerings they can provide you with at your next function.

Waterfront Gourmet Can Handle Your Wedding Catering Needs

A wedding is one of those special events that come with a laundry list of demands on the planner. If the planner happens to be you, there’s going to be a lot on your plate. Venues, performers, amenities, and provisions all fall under the purview of the planner, and planners sometimes need a little help to get the event off the ground.


To help out with event planning, some planners lean on the help of a reputable full-service caterer to supply the celebrants with refreshment. A Wedding Caterer can take some of the work off of your plate. That being said, when you’re the planner and you decide to work with a caterer there are a few more responsibilities you put on yourself. You need to maintain communication with the caterer with respect to the offerings that will be made at the wedding and you need to coordinate delivery. Most importantly, you’ll have to settle on a caterer to give the participants something to enjoy in the first place.



You’ll need to make sure that the wedding caterer you choose for your function offers something refreshing and new as well as some different options to appeal to a wide range of different tastes. Go with Waterfront Gourmet as your wedding caterer and that’s just one thing less you’ll need to worry about. Waterfront Gourmet’s entire principle in crafting menu items is that each plate contains an interesting and unique mix of flavors so that the palate never feels stale.


Every sandwich, hoagie, and salad on their menu takes proven, trusted flavors and matches them with vibrant new flavors to put an agreeable twist on all of their offerings. As a result, everything on their menu offers a little something different to the taster. It’s that kind of innovation and novelty that makes Waterfront Gourmet stand out from so many other caterers - they’re constantly making additions to their menu and experimenting with flavors so they can always offer you something new and exciting.


As for a variety of offerings to appeal to different tastes, not only does Waterfront Gourmet specialize in unique creations, they offer healthy options as well. With additions like their fruit trays, vegetable trays and assortments of salads, there’s something for every different appetite to appreciate. Their fresh, healthy offerings help to balance out their palette of unique flavors that will really add a little extra shine to any catered event.

As for ease of communication and convenience, Waterfront Gourmet just makes that the icing on the cake. It couldn’t be easier to work with them. Just call them up at 267-227-1994 and talk to them about what you’re looking for. You can discuss their menu with them and make it easy to pick out some catering offerings for a wedding or any other event.


You can also take a look at their catering menu on their website, WaterfrontGourmet.com. As far as convenience, how about free delivery to your event? Their catering is delivered free of charge. It’s just one more way that Waterfront Gourmet adds a little color to their customer’s lives. Refreshing new flavors, superb customer service and free shipping from a wedding caterer? You get that all with Waterfront Gourmet.

The Best Catering Service Philadelphia Has to Offer

There are as many options as you could possibly want to choose for a caterer in and around Philadelphia. In fact, as Philadelphia is what might proudly call itself a food city and has been highly ranked on that front, you might say there are more options than most. Yet time and again people settle for average catering for their events, going with options that are good enough instead of stellar, offering the plainest of basic sandwiches, sides and refreshments. With so many choices at your disposal to make your events even more special, there’s no reason to settle when you can choose Waterfront Gourmet for the best catering in Philadelphia.
Whether you need to feed the guests at a small and intimate gathering or you need to congratulate an entire office on meeting their quarterly goals, Waterfront Gourmet has the freshly prepared and original options to feed the crew. Waterfront Gourmet offers a wide and impressive selection, serving up sandwiches, hoagies, wraps and more. Waterfront Gourmet also offers fruit and vegetable trays, cheese trays, salads, hummus and salsa trays and dessert trays. They even offer a breakfast tray for earlier events with bagels, pastries and breakfast sandwiches. Of course, no catered event is complete without dessert and refreshment, and Waterfront Gourmet shines in this arena as well, with dessert trays of cookies, cakes, brownies and more as well as coffee, teas, juices and sodas. With Waterfront Gourmet’s professional selection, you no longer have to choose between only two or three menu items. You can customize the offerings at your venue as much as you like.
Menu breadth isn’t the only reason Waterfront Gourmet is the top choice for best catering Philadelphia has to offer. Not only do you have access to an excellent selection, but everything you order from Waterfront Gourmet is of the highest handpicked quality and freshly prepared or cooked to order for the event. Waterfront Gourmet places a premium on freshness and preparation and sees that through. Everything at Waterfront Gourmet is prepared in house by the gourmands before being served to you to guarantee not only freshness but satisfaction.
Perhaps most refreshing is the fact that Waterfront Gourmet will not only offer your order for pick up in only a few hours, but they will deliver it for free. So often charges are masked by caterers that end up being associated with delivery but Waterfront Gourmet will deliver your order free of charge.
So when you’re looking for the best catering Philadelphia has to offer, you can trust that Waterfront Gourmet will supply your event with grace and best of all with original and delicious dishes. You can confidently host your events knowing that the creative and original recipes you’ve come to love from Waterfront Gourmet will be the focal point of the gathering. Visit WaterfrontGourmet.com before your next event to get some ideas for what you’d like to feature. With so many inspired and original options to choose from, you’ll need to take some time to decide.

The Catering Menu That’s Perfect for Every Occasion

Your event needs expert and delicious catering services to be a sweet and savory success. That’s why you should feed your hungry guests only the best with Waterfront Gourmet.
We’ll whip up some of the tastiest gourmet sandwiches that they really just can’t get enough of. Yes, we’ve got every type of sandwich, from paninis to subs to cheesesteaks, hoagies, clubs, melts, burgers, and wraps. We load them up with only the finest premium meats, gourmet cheeses, and the freshest veggies. Crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside with freshly baked artisan bread.
Who can resist snacking on our side dishes? When you’ve got tray after tray filled with tortilla chips and freshly made dips like guacamole and salsa, or plates piled with grilled pita, creamy hummus, and fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, or veggie and salad trays made with only the crispest vegetables and delicious dressing and dip. These platters and trays are hearty enough to be a meal.
With us taking care of the catering services at your event, there are so many different dining options, so you don’t have to stress if you’ve got vegetarians, vegans, keto or paleo diners in the crowd. You can relax at your event while your guests savor these perfect treats because Waterfront Gourmet has got a sandwich and side for every dietary regimen.
If your event is scheduled for the morning, we can definitely take care of that too. You see, your business meetings just don’t work without coffee, and Waterfront Gourmet uses only freshly brewed beans from Bali. This is the coffee that goes just perfectly with our tasty breakfast bagels, paninis, burritos, and wraps.
Did someone say dessert? Well, we do some of the most decadent dessert trays. They’re so pretty, piled up with freshly baked cupcakes, brownies, cookies, cakes, and chocolate dipped pretzels that your guest might pause before digging in. Then once they start they probably won’t stop. For those that prefer a lighter healthier option, we have some exquisite seasonal, fresh fruit trays that are just as delicious, and they’re nutritious too. You see, we thought of everything that you’ll need to satisfy each and every taste, and even the heartiest of appetites, so why would you choose catering services from anywhere else?
You should know that no matter where your event is in the city, there’s a Waterfront Gourmet nearby, ready to serve you and your guests.
Near the waterfront? Check out our Penn’s Landing location. In West Philadelphia? Visit our University City restaurant. In Center City? Then stop by our Dilworth Plaza or Roberts Center locations. Just come visit, try our menu and you’ll see what we mean. Then let Waterfront Gourmet take care of the catering services for your next seminar, meeting, party, or special event. We’re the gourmet sandwich experts, so stop worrying and check out our delicious catering menu at WaterfrontGourmet.com.

Deli-Style Sandwiches Made Fresh in the Heart of Philadelphia

It is approaching summertime in Philadelphia and more people are taking to the streets, spending time outside and taking some time to make plans to try new things, eat at new restaurants, visit the landmarks and just enjoy the atmosphere that Philadelphia has to offer.



When it comes to great food, getting it fresh can make all the difference. In Philadelphia, and throughout the United States for that matter, it is not uncommon to see people using the streets as their gym, a way to get some exercise. It also means people are looking for a place to get great-tasting fresh food. For deli-style sandwiches made fresh from the finest ingredients right in the heart of Philadelphia, look no further than Waterfront Gourmet.


Waterfront Gourmet is good food made fresh for you, offering delicious sandwiches, paninis, wraps, salads, soups and much more, perfect for any meal at any time of day. The best part is that you can find Waterfront Gourmet at various locations throughout the city.


The original location is right on the waterfront of Penn’s Landing, offering some great background scenery to enjoy lunch or dinner. Penn’s Landing is right on the Delaware River and this part of the city offers great views of the Ben Franklin Bridge, Philadelphia city skyline and across the river of Camden, NJ. It is far enough away from the center of the city to still be a quiet place where you can actually find some relaxation, but also is a great place to gather friends and enjoy a night out.


Additional locations of Waterfront Gourmet are located in University City, Roberts Center and Dilworth Park. All three locations are offering the same great deli-style sandwiches, wraps, paninis and salads.


The University City location is located right between two major college campuses in the city: Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania. Whether you are a college student on the go or live in the area and are looking for a new spot to grab a quick bite for lunch or dinner, this is the place for you.


The Roberts Center location is located in the Roberts Center on South Street. This location is only open on weekdays, different from the other locations, but offers the same great, fresh food.


The Dilworth Plaza location is the newest location and sits right across the street from City Hall in Center City Philadelphia. The city can tempt with many options, but if you want to get the freshest meats, cheeses, and veggies on your deli-style sandwiches, Waterfront Gourmet is the place to choose. This is also the perfect stop for lunch on a day of seeing the sights around the city.


Whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a quick cup of coffee on the run, Waterfront Gourmet has so much to offer. With everything made fresh, you won’t be able to beat the taste. Waterfront Gourmet has locations around Philadelphia to make it easy and convenient for people to get a quick meal in a great setting so they continue on with their day, whether they work in the city or are just visiting to see the sights.


Make a stop at Waterfront Gourmet today to try these delicious creations and taste the freshness of the food.

The Deli Cafe That Does the Best Restaurant Catering Around

When you are looking for restaurant catering, there are many things to consider. You want to serve meals, snacks, and appetizers that can satisfy every guest, whether they have food intolerances, are strict vegan or vegetarians, or follow keto, paleo, or another low carb regimen, and so much more.


Besides making sure that your menu includes something to satisfy every dietary concern, there’s the expense you have to worry about. You just don’t want your seminar, conference, meeting, or party to be too pricey.


The fact is, unless you’ve decided to have your event in the meeting room in your workplace or in an entertaining space in your home, hosting your seminar or party in a hotel conference room or another venue is going to get expensive. So when it comes to the meal, you want to stay within your budget, while serving the most delicious and hearty, tasty and nutritious appetizer trays and gourmet sandwiches around.



So how do you arrange a perfect event, serve food that everyone will rave about, and save money?


The answer is simple, you just leave the restaurant catering to Waterfront Gourmet. With Waterfront Gourmet in charge of meal prep and service, you can stop worrying about the food and work on making your presentation or party the best ever.


That’s because we’ve got every type of deli sandwich classic on the menu. So let us do the restaurant catering and we’ll serve up tasty triple-decker clubs, hearty and healthy wraps, cheesesteaks, burritos, paninis, and so much more. Whatever your preference, just let us know and we will fill them with your choice of premium meats like roast beef, chicken, turkey, bacon or tuna, tasty cheeses like Parmesan, pepper jack, and cheddar, and fresh veggies such as spinach, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, mushrooms, cucumbers and so much more.


Maybe you just need something lighter, something for your guests to munch on throughout the event?


Well, Waterfront Gourmet has you covered with our collection of delicious snack trays. So why not start with the vegetable tray that we load with the freshest, crunchiest vegetables and delicious dips. Then you can add in our hummus tray that’s got fresh cucumber, tomatoes and tasty grilled pita, or serve our tortilla chips, salsa and guacamole platter.


These are the kind of snacks and appetizers that will delight your guests. Just finish up with our seasonal fruit tray or serve some cakes, brownies, cupcakes, cookies, or chocolate dipped pretzels for dessert and everyone will be satisfied.


So how do you get started with restaurant catering from Waterfront Gourmet?


Well, it’s simple. Check out our catering menu at WaterfrontGourmet.com. Then contact or visit the Waterfront Gourmet location nearest your event. We’re in University City, Roberts Center, Dilworth Plaza, and on Penn’s Landing, and we just can’t wait to help you. If you want to know more, why don’t you come on by? We’ll make you a tasty sandwich, soup, or salad. We can’t wait to see you and talk about what you need to have the most perfect event ever.

A Great Catering Service in Philadelphia

When it comes to throwing a party or hosting an event, the food can be the most important thing. You want to provide your guests with a great meal while also keeping things affordable. Throughout the greater Philadelphia area, there are many places that offer catering services with a variety of fare to choose from to satisfy a number of guests.


Providing food for a catered party can be a challenge. You want to make sure you have enough food for all of your guests and want it to be as fresh as possible. It is the only way to keep your guests happy and knowing that you are getting fresh food can take some of the stress out of planning your event.


Let Waterfront Gourmet be your caterer for your next office or private party. With a menu that features healthy choice and unique twists on deli-style gourmet food, you can get delicious sandwiches, wraps, paninis, salads and more.



Waterfront Gourmet not only makes everything fresh for the catered event but can also deliver anywhere in the heart of Philadelphia, that way you can focus on all of the other things that go into planning a party or event and know that the food is taken care and will arrive in time for your guests.


Catering services are available for all meals of the day and from all four locations that Waterfront Gourmet has to offer. Their waterfront location at Penn’s Landing is the first and primary location. They also have locations at Roberts Center on South Street, University City and Dilworth Park, across the street from City Hall, for your convenience, so you can always stop in or call to place an order.


The menu is always evolving at Waterfront Gourmet, so you can always offer your guests the best and freshest creations when you use catering.


To place a catering order, it is best to call ahead and use the closest cafe to your event location. Waterfront Gourmet will arrange the best menu for you and your guests and professionally prepare everything so that you have a menu with variety and delicious flavor made from fresh, all-natural ingredients. Catering is also available for pickup if that is easy for you, so you can bring your favorite sandwiches, salads, wraps and more to a party you are attending that may be outside of the city. No matter how you get your catered spread or what you choose to include, you can be sure you will be sharing in a lot of great flavors with your family, friends, and colleagues.


So why wait and start planning your next catered event with Waterfront Gourmet today. Contact one of the four locations throughout the Philadelphia area, all open from Monday through Friday, and place an order for the best breakfast, lunch or dinner event where you need catering services. Waterfront Gourmet is happy to deliver the freshest in deli-style sandwiches, wraps, paninis, and signature salads and even desserts to satisfy the hunger of everyone at your next event.

Try Waterfront Gourmet for the Tastiest Catering Services in Philadelphia

Waterfront Gourmet is more than just a delicious corner deli and café. Our catering services are the best in Philadelphia. Yeah, we said it. We’re awesome and so are our prices. Want to know what sort of tasty treats we have on our catering menu? Read on.



We’re known for our gourmet sandwiches…and for good reason. Lots of gourmet sandwichs are just wispy little things, tasty, yes, but not particularly filling. To us, gourmet is as flavorful and rich as it is totally hearty. Whether you order a tray full of our subs and clubs, or a panini platter, we fill our sandwiches to the bread brim with grilled chicken, roast beef, fresh crisp greens, tomatoes, prosciutto, provolone, onions, spinach, cucumbers, cheddar, or pepper jack cheese. You just can’t say no to a sandwich this delicious.


Maybe the catering services you require don’t include a main tray. Maybe you’re having a small event and what you want is simply sides. Well, what you need to know is that our sides aren’t simple, and they can quickly satisfy even the heartiest appetite. You see we are obsessed with fresh ingredients and we like nothing more than to pile our trays high with quality.


So why not order a collection of our veggie trays? They always contain an assortment of crisp, crunchy vegetables and tasty dip. What about the hummus and pita? Waterfront Gourmet’s got a platter loaded with the tastiest grilled pita and sliced tomatoes and cucumber. We know that you can’t have a party without a cheese tray. Choose from a selection of fine cheeses, freshly baked bread, and crackers, and watch your guests gather. Plus, our guacamole and salsa chip and dips will keep them coming back for more. More importantly, health-conscious friends will go for our salad trays and our fruit trays piled with lush, juicy seasonal fruits. You see what we mean? We have something on the menu for everyone – including vegetarians and picky eaters.


What about dessert, you say? Well, we at Waterfront Gourmet respond with only the best dessert tray in the business. That is, of course, if you know people who adore brownies and chocolate dipped pretzels and can’t resist cupcakes and cookies; we’re pretty sure that includes everyone.


What we are trying to say is that Waterfront Gourmet should be your go-to when it comes to catering services in Philadelphia. We make it simple for you to find us because we have locations in some of the busiest spots in the city – Penn’s Landing, University City, Roberts Center, and Dilworth Plaza. When you are ready to get the best meal ever for your special event, rehearsal dinner, party, meeting, or conference, just call the Waterfront Gourmet nearest to your event location or visit us at WaterfrontGourmet.com, or you can just come on by and check us out. We just can’t wait to meet you, and we’d love to make you something totally delicious!

Searching for Delicious Catering in University City? Then You’ve Got to Try Waterfront Gourmet

Where can you find the best catering in University City? Waterfront Gourmet.


Where can you find a wide-ranging catering menu that will please and satisfy meat eaters and vegetarians? Waterfront Gourmet.


Where can you go to get a delicious catered meal with free delivery? Waterfront Gourmet.


Where can you find a caterer that specializes in gourmet, farm fresh and made to order meals? Waterfront Gourmet.



If you’re looking for mouthwatering catering for your corporate event, celebration or seminar, then you simply must try Waterfront Gourmet. We can create the perfect spread for your occasion, no matter how big or small.


Want to know what sort of tasty things we have on the menu?


At Waterfront Gourmet, we specialize in healthy and nutritious, globally inspired cuisine.

If tray after tray of hearty paninis, wraps and other specialty sandwiches loaded with grilled chicken, turkey, or roast beef sound totally tantalizing, then Waterfront Gourmet is just right for your event. We’ve got breakfast sandwiches for those morning meetings that your crew will just love. When they tuck into our cheesy breakfast burrito or our prosciutto egg panini with some gourmet Illy coffee, they won’t mind that they had to wake up bright and early for that conference.


Waterfront Gourmet would never leave your vegetarian guests hungry, either. We pile our hummus tray high with grilled pita and fresh sliced tomatoes and cucumbers. Then, there is our veggie tray that is filled with an arrangement of crunchy and crispy vegetables and delicious dip, and don’t get us started on our cheese trays, fruit platters, salad trays, and chip and dip – we just love chips, salsa, and guacamole! The point is, your vegetarian and vegan guests will be happy with the selection, and those carnivores are probably going to want to get in on the veggie action, too! That’s ok. We’ll make sure that there are plenty of tasty treats for everyone.


Oh, and dessert lovers love us. Why wouldn’t they? When we can whip up some chewy chocolate brownies, cookies, coffee cakes, cupcakes, and Philly’s favorite snack – the pretzel. We dip ours in rich, luscious chocolate. Sounds yummy, right? We can assure you, it is!


So how do you get all these delicious morsels for your next event? It’s so simple. If you’re seeking catering in University City, just contact us at 267-308-5108, or come on by our location at 3131 Walnut Street and we’d be happy to help you create a menu your guests will rave about. Not in University City? Don’t worry. We have other locations in Philadelphia: Penn’s Landing, Roberts Center, and Dilworth Plaza.


That’s because Waterfront Gourmet is eager to serve everyone in the Philadelphia area and take care of all of their catering needs. So check us out online at WaterfrontGourmet.com or just visit any of our area locations. We can’t wait to see you and fix you and your guests something totally delicious! Come visit and say Hi, today!

Looking for Philadelphia Waterfront Restaurants? Waterfront Gourmet has the Tastiest, Most Delicious Menu

There are plenty of those. but if you’re looking for a quaint little café that features a tasty globally inspired deli menu, then look no further than Waterfront Gourmet. We’ve got the treats and eats that will make your visit to the Philadelphia waterfront as delicious as it is entertaining.



No matter what you’re hungry for, our menu is wholesome, nutritious and thoroughly satisfying. Do you just love gourmet specialty sandwiches? How about a roast beef panini loaded with peppers, onions and melted Swiss cheese, or a spicy Cubano with roast pork, ham, melted Swiss, and a crunchy dill pickle? We’re making you hungry, aren’t we? Yeah, we thought so. Or maybe you can’t get enough of those deli classics? We’ve got ‘em. Whether it’s a tasty BLT, mouthwatering tuna melt, or triple-decker club sandwich, there’s plenty on our menu to satisfy even the most intense corner deli craving. More importantly, we only use farm fresh ingredients made to order, so your sandwich is always totally delicious.


Are you a vegetarian? Are you looking for a deli sandwich that is made just for you and your tastes? We can help you out with that. We’ve got veggie burgers, spicy tofu burritos and subs, veggie hummus, hoagies, paninis, quesadillas and so much more. What we’re trying to say is that, instead of going to the same restaurants and picking at a boring salad while your meat-eating friends feast, you can come to Waterfront Gourmet and really savor a varied vegetarian meal. Oh, and we have salads, too, if you want them. But not those basic salads; we’re talking really good salads. How does a kale apple salad with cherry tomatoes, raisins, walnuts, figs, feta cheese, and, of course, kale sound? Totally tantalizing, right? Well, it is. Our Mediterranean salad is tasty too. Loaded with hummus, lettuce, tomato, feta, red peppers, and grilled pita bread, it is sure to satisfy. And there’s more. Whatever type of salad you’re craving, we’ve probably got it.


We want you to visit us for breakfast, too, because there’s something here for everyone – from burritos to bagels to prosciutto and egg panini. We’ve got gourmet Illy coffee – Italy’s finest brew. We can make you an aroma rich and flavorful espresso, cappuccino, latte and more.


We just want you to think of Waterfront Gourmet when it comes to Philadelphia waterfront restaurants. When you’re strolling around Penn’s Landing with your friends, why don’t you come on by? You should check us out no matter where you are in Philadelphia. We have four locations: Penn’s Landing, University City, Roberts Center, and Dilworth Plaza, so you can always find a Waterfront Gourmet somewhere near you, whether you’re a city dweller, tourist, commuter, or student. So come and visit us, we’d be happy to make you something delicious. If you want to see more of our menu, visit waterfrontgourmet.com.

Waterfront Gourmet is the Most Delicious Restaurant for Your Catering Buffet

At Waterfront Gourmet, we know that you’re busy, and that even the idea of planning a big event is probably stressing you out quite a bit. Whether it’s a corporate conference or a business seminar that you’re trying to arrange, you’ve got to find the venue, plan the décor, and so much more. Then there’s the food. How are you going to feed a crowd of hungry business people? You want to make sure there is an incredible selection of wholesome, nutritious, and totally delicious things to eat.


How do you do that? With a catering buffet from Waterfront Gourmet, that’s how.



We can arrange tray after tray of tasty gourmet specialty sandwiches, fresh veggie and salad platters, mouthwatering hummus and grilled pita spreads with sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, chips and dips heaped high with guacamole and salsa and piles of crunchy tortilla chips. Oh, and the cheese trays…ours are just loaded with the finest gourmet cheeses and fresh baked bread and crackers.


What about breakfast for those early morning events, you say? Don’t worry. We can do bagels and cream cheese with pastries, or a breakfast sandwich tray should you fancy it. No matter the selection, your guests are going to want some dessert. No problem. We can create a display of brownies, cookies, coffee cakes, chocolate dipped pretzels and cupcakes that just might be too pretty to eat. We said, might be. Everyone is going to want to dive right in, and they will… and then come back for more.


Everything sounds so delicious, doesn’t it?
We thought you’d think so. Well, that’s just some of the awesome that you can get when you select a catering buffet from Waterfront Gourmet. We are eager to make everything so simple and convenient for you. That’s why we offer free delivery if your event is in Center City or University City (but if you prefer to do the pickup, that’s fine too).


You see we strive to keep things as easy as possible because we know you’ve got a lot on your plate… so why not let us worry about your guest’s plates. Just contact us and we can help. To get your catering buffet started, contact the Waterfront Gourmet closest to your event. We’ve got four locations: Penn’s Landing, University City, Dilworth Plaza, and Robert’s Center, so there’s certain to be a café near you. What’s more, Waterfront Gourmet has the tasty morsels and treats that your guests are hungry for.


Want to know more? Just check us out at waterfrontgourmet.com and look at our catering menu. Or come on by and visit us at any of our area locations. We can’t wait to whip up something totally delicious for your event. We’re sure that you and your guests will be totally impressed and that you’ll select Waterfront Gourmet for all of your catered events. So contact us and we’ll be happy to provide delicious meal suggestions or answer any of your questions.